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Terms & Conditions


Purchase Guarantee

The pieces displayed on this web page are a range of products from ladies, men, children, infants, swimwear, sports and underwear sets and meet the quality requirements and warranties as the products are sold in 4me group stores.

Each product has the following details:

the name of piece

Image of the piece

Available sizes and colors *

Price (in the corresponding currency)

* 4me has made every effort to present the cut colors as realistic as possible. However, the colors of the on-screen clothing may change depending on the quality of your computer screen. Hence, 4me company can ensure that the colors shown on the computer screen are real representation of the actual colors.

Special offers, promotions or discounts remain valid until the indicated date or until the inventory is depleted.

Similarly, 4Me makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on its website is complete, accurate and correct. If there is any error, 4me will continue to correct it immediately.

 Make a purchase

Select the widget you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The shopping cart contains the reference, name, size, color and price of the item specified in the corresponding country (including taxes). This price does not include transportation costs that may vary according to the specified delivery method.

To continue purchasing, the user's personal details are required and included in our database to process the order and facilitate future purchases on the website. Personal data provided by users will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Users can at any time access personal data they provide and information about their requests. 4me reminds users that their personal data should be as accurate as possible in order to avoid any confusion or errors in sending the purchased piece (s). Furthermore, where users explicitly require, they will receive information and publications related to the 4me group via mail and / or SMS.

Once the order has been completed, and before confirmation, the user will be provided with a summary of the order, specifying the item (s) purchased, total price (including transport and taxes) and delivery details.

Payment can be made for purchases using credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery or store balance. No payment method other than those specified in the current terms of sale will be accepted. For payments by credit card or debit card, the online payment will be debited, ie, in real time, via the payment gateway of the corresponding financial entity, as soon as it confirms the validity of the data sent by the user.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the order number will be displayed on the web page, allowing users to track the request from the computer at any moment.

An automatic e-mail will also be sent to confirm the request to the address specified by the user with acknowledgment of receipt, description of the request and personal data provided. If you do not receive this email, it may be the problem with temporary connections in the network or an error in the email address entered. In both cases, 4me recommends that the user connect to the CS. Similarly, an email will be sent to the user to confirm that the product has been sent.

Availability of products

All orders are subject to available products. If, at the time the order is issued, the Warehouse finds that there is no stock of any of the products contained therein, 4Me will make all efforts to locate the item. If you can not, the user will be notified immediately. In addition, the discount will be refunded to the customer, using the same payment method used to purchase the item.

 The right not to accept an application

4Me may cancel or refuse to accept any unsolicited application on the following grounds:

If there is a technical error and / or write prices or other details of the products on the web page when submitting the application.

Due to lack of availability, as described in the point saving products.

When security systems indicate that the request may be deceptive.

 When the reasons indicate that the user is a minor.

 If 4me can not connect the request to the given address.

4Me will pay any amounts paid in full.