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Rewind and replace

Policy switch / or rewind via internet

3.1. Terms of switch and / or return

If customers do not satisfy the items they received, 4me will allow them to be replaced by another dimension within thirty (7) days, beginning on the date of receipt, provided that the item is not used or exposed to damage. Accordingly, 4me can not accept the replacement or return of used or damaged parts (except where defects are present). For health reasons, underwear and swimwear are supplied with a safety seal to prevent attempts to try or wear. If you wish to return this type of cut, the integrity seal must be maintained.

It is not possible to replace one model with another: it can only be replaced by a different size. To replace a piece with another, you must follow the procedure for refunding and make a new purchase.

All returns must be carefully packed and the return receipt or returns form completed in a timely manner.

If you do not have the receipt receipt when you make a replacement or return, you can download the return form by accessing the Order page (in my Orders in the My Account section if you are registered or in the Orders section if you are not registered at

3.2 Free replacements and / or refunds

The customer can send the items to the 4me address sent to the customer on the customer service fee without paying the shipping price and the payment request upon receipt from the shipping company

3.3. Refunds

Once the items are received, 4me will ensure that they are in good condition and the required size will be sent if the purchase amount is exchanged or refunded through the same payment method used in the purchase if the purchase amount is refunded.

The refund period may vary between 15 working days from receipt of the return to 4me repositories. Once the return status is checked, the customer will be notified via e-mail.

The refund amount will always be refunded via the same payment method used to purchase it.

In cases where 4me sends a different item than the requested one or the quality of the requested item is inadvertently inadmissible, 4me shall immediately, upon examination of the error or defect, refund the price of the item purchased and the postal expenses. At any time a defective or defective piece is returned by traditional mail, 4 me shall refund the corresponding mailing charges provided that the customer has attached the return expense invoice. Please note that postal charges will be paid after the payment for the parts is repaid.

To refund cash orders on delivery, the customer must choose their preferred method of refunding: via store credit or bank transfer. In the case of bank transfers, the customer will have to submit to 4me its own bank data so that the corresponding amount can be refunded. The bank account number must belong to a bank in the country where the order was delivered